About SmartPLS

SmartPLS software is full pledge solutions for smooth functioning of Photo Processing Lab. We try to give you the best software with integration of Lab counter and processing lab operation with MINIMUM INPUT and MAXIMUM OUTPUT CONCEPT. After a thorough study of the manual systems and requirements of todays Photo Industry, we have introduced SmartPLS window version to improve your labs performance.Smart PLS is incredible software for Photo Lab Management. It offers an excellent mix of performance, reliability and ease of administration yet enable the user to control minute details when desire. It is dream software for Lab and studio owners. Goal of SmartPLS is to provide a consist yet comprehensive guide to Lab owners on the information of Billing, account details, productions, consumptions of raw materials, stock balance, details of dealers accounts and Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Complete Accounting Software Upto finalisation and so on. It saves your time so that you could utilize your resources to full extent of efficiency thereby stepping up the productivity level. SmartPLS allows for scheduling, event tracking, invoicing and image storing,This level also adds financial tracking (see who has paid you and who has not),SMS Notification and Whatsapp notification feature also avaliable.

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