SmartPayroll allows the user to create unlimited employees,companies. All the features are available to use and there is no feature restriction as such.

Flexible Structure :- Earnings & Deductions Taxable & Non Taxable Earnings for Income Tax Calculations Payslip / Non Payslip Component compute various other components that do not appear in Payslip
Calculation based on Attendance monthly/yearly/daily Leave & Attendance Management Leave Rules can be defined Yearly Credit of Leave/ Pro rata basis
Monthly Increment of Leave on Pro-rata basis Carry forward facility for balance leave Encashment of Leave / Encashment In excess of Leave Leave Utilizes & Balances can be checked
CL, PL, SL, Compensatory & Customizable Leaves Automatic Leave payout on termination of Employees (in Full & Final Settlement) Swipe card / Attendance machine if any can be linked to our software Attendance Arrears
Monthly Attendance Register & Yearly Attendance Summary Attendance / Leave Ledger Loan & Advance Management User Definable Loans/Advances (Multiple)
Loan Disbursement option with EMI option stops automatically once the Loan amount is totally recovered Loan Recovered, Loan Balances & Loans History Employee wise Loan Register
Payroll Processing Input information for all newly joined employees and resign left employees Salary on Hold & Freezing of Salary in case of Termination of Employees Pro-rata calculations for employees based on Absenteeism
Lock month facility to avoid changes in Processed Data Process & Print Payslips for groups or for selected employees Salary Reports (Payslip & Salary Sheet) calculates all the income, deductions & statutory Contributions as per the requirement
Regular Payslips (with Logo) can be viewed or Emailed SMS notification Generates Cash / Cheque / Bank Transfer List Generate Bank Statement, Direct Electronic Bank transfer files & Covering Letter for Banks
Other Payments Overtime Calculation Gratuity, Bonus & Exgratia Calculation Monthly Reconciliation - allow us to compare the changes in the pay components from last month to this month or for any number of months
PF Calculation & Reports User defined PF Rate of Deduction for Employer & Employee Employee & Employer Contribution Automatic Bifurcation of EPF & EPS
PF applicability check at Employee Level Options to Limit Maximum Salary for PF Deduction Ganerates ECR,KYC and other realted reports ESI Calculation & Reports
User defined ESIC Rate of Deduction for Employer & Employee ESIC applicability check at Employee Level Professional Tax User definable State wise Slab
PT applicability check at Employee Level Form III & Challan MLW labour welfare Statewise Slab Income Tax Management
Auto calculations of Exemptions & Deductions and compute income tax payable for the entire year & the tax to be paid this month Auto calculation of TDS based on Projections Income Tax Projections Quarterly e-TDS Return as per the NSDL format
Income Tax Projections can be emailed in PDF format Full & Final Settlement Automatically calculates outstanding Loan balances, Notice pay and Leave Encashment , Gratuity and recovers all Loan balances and Income Tax. Generates Full & Final Settlement Calculation sheet for all the calculations done
UserWise and Company wise rights Password Protected Pay slip email Hr related Reports Hr Related Module


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