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SmartPayroll System

ONE STOP HR/PAYROLL SOLUTIONS.SmartPayroll automates many of the tasks that were traditionally done manually by HR professionals. This helps to free up employee’s time for more important and lucrative tasks while minimizing errors and improving business processes.

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Smart PFESIC Mgt System

It is specifically designed to accommodate PF / ESI This is suitable package for payroll consultants who take the responsibility of managing PF / ESI returns The data can be imported monthly or yearly from excel sheet the software takes care of all report generation w.r.t. PF / ESi

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SmartFA System

Explore a wide range of features, including billing,invoicing, and reporting. You can produce tax invoices,sync your expenses, and balance your books to make the taxation process seamless. The system simplifies user interface makes it the best accounting software for businesses.

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SmartPLS Billing System

SmartPLS software is full pledge solutions for smooth functioning of Photo Processing Lab and Studios.allows for scheduling, event tracking, invoicing and image storing,This level also adds financial tracking (see who has paid you and who has not),SMS Notification feature also avaliable

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Web Development

Web applications are accessible by anyone with an Internet connection. Users are now as likely to be viewing your software on a tablet or smartphone as they are a PC. With a web app, anyone who connects to your business has the access they need No matter what your business, users can connect anytime and from anywhere. every time the software is updated or improved, users immediately have access to the new version from any connected device Using a web app also avoids the hassle of having those users download and install an application.

Software Development

The software we build perfectly matches your specifications. Quicker development time also keeps your costs as low as possible. Our long-term, dependable support is cost effective and hassle free. Our software naturally adapts more easily to your future challenges. Our professionals craft the perfect solution to your business with advanced custom software development that accelerates growth, upsurge your revenues, and helps easily targets your potential customers..

Application Maintenance

With software maintenance and technical enhancements, you can maximize the benefits. Software maintenance and technical enhancements are essential for your successful utilization . To make sure you have the latest software versions and are able to take advantage of special services, we offer maintenance contract. This service allows you to optimize use of the most recent software versions. All support enquiries are handled via telephone conversations, email, on-line desk top sharing utility. In case of a major issue personal visit is arranged.


We provides an end-to-end payroll outsourcing solution that reduces processing costs with a streamlined and consistent execution of your payroll, statutory and compliance needs. From employee inputs, to processing of payroll, providing the respective outputs and managing statutory filing, we help you manage it all.